Every Situation Is Unique

Receive personalized, individual care tailored for your situation and needs.

You Are Not Alone

Our clients and therapists work together in building treatment plans.

Increased Self Understanding

Guidance for decisions that will help lead to a full and functional life.

Increased self-understanding leads to better decision making for a more functional life.

We are here to help guide you

The Focus of the counselors at the Center for Personal Empowerment is to help our clients understand the world they live in, make personal meaning of their circumstances, and tap into the power and resiliency that will enable them to take control of their lives.

We support the client's efforts through the use of developmentally appropriate and educational strategies. The work we undertake together is intended to honor and support the client's values and beliefs. The counselor's role will to be to act as a guide, supporting the client's explorations and personal self-discoveries.

Personalized counseling strategies that are personally selected for each individual client.


Friendly, knowledgeable therapists and staff with the goal of helping you succeed.


A one-on-one, confidential and safe environment.


Counselors and clients work together to design the most effective treatment plan.


A productive, fulfilling experience is our number one goal.

At the Center For Personal Empowerment we give you the tools you'll need to heal, grow and succeed.

No two people are the same - so why should any treatment plan be the same? You have different goals, different hurdles and different experiences.. and we'll tailor a specific plan perfect for you to be successful.


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